2023-2-10 QRTB Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Blake Volk
Blake Volk
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First Published:

2023 February 10

Last Updated:

2023 February 10


Upgrade to QRTB 2.12.8 code or later


Baicells Nova 436Q, Nova 430E, Nova 430I, and Neutrino 430 LTE TDD eNodeB devices with firmware through QRTB 2.12.7 are vulnerable to remote shell code exploitation via HTTP command injections. Commands are executed using pre-login execution and executed with root permissions. More information regarding CVE-2023-0776 can be reviewed here: CVE-2023-0776 

Affected Products: 

  • Nova 436Q
  • Nova 430E
  • Nova 430I
  • Neutrino 430


Baicells has resolved this vulnerability in software version QRTB 2.12.8 and later. Baicells recommends that all customers currently running an earlier version of QRTB firmware upgrades their products to the 2.12.8 firmware. Firmware can be downloaded from our community page or upgraded via OMC. 


QRTB 2.12.8:  Firmware Download

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