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Q: How long is the Baicells manufacturer warranty for?

A: Baicells warrants your product to be free from physical defects in material and workmanshiip for a period of 1 year from the date of the original retail purchase. You can find the written standard product warranty on our website:


Q: My understanding of LTE is limited; however, if the UE is creating a 3gpp tunnel through the eNodeB back to the cloud hosted EPC then my question is what addresses would my clients see on their home router?

A: The local gateway (LGW) mode for a UE can be configured as bridge or router (or as NAT). The address is assigned to the UE from the cloud EPC.

Reference: Baicells Configuration & Network Administration Guide:


Q: Will I have GUI access to the UE if I'm not directly plugged into it?

A: The Baicells components are designed to be plug-and-play. The OAM software applications include a UE GUI and an eNB GUI, which run on each piece of equipment and can be accessed locally or remotely. The GUI software apps typically are used to communicate with a specific device, i.e., a single UE or a single eNB. Each UE and eNB has their respective GUI application pre-loaded on it from the manufacturer. The operator launches the GUI via an IP address using a Web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox either locally or through the internet. The GUI apps provide more configuration fields and data than does the CloudCore OMC, which is used to manage all of the Baicells network components. Often, the additional GUI fields are used to tune the radio frequency (RF) settings or network settings of a given UE or eNB during initial installation or troubleshooting, or to improve the equipment’s performance. Refer to the Baicells Configuration & Network Administration Guide:


Q: Are the UEs SIM card based?

A: Yes


Q: I'm trying to set up a UE without the benefit of having an eNB anywhere near the office. Is it normal for the LTE Status to say "USIM not ready" in the UE GUI, or do I have the SIM inserted wrong?

A: It is likely your SIM card is not inserted correctly. For some UEs, for example, when inserting with the antenna facing down, the 45 degree edge goes in on right side. Please refer to the user manual associated with your product:


Q: Would water in a UE cause the signal to drop?

A: Yes – most electrical devices cannot handle water, as it will short the circuitry and cause corrosion. In early renderings of outdoor Baicells CPEs (UEs) we recommended drilling weep holes in the bottom casing to reduce condensation buildup. For instructions on drilling weep holes, please refer to the BaiTip on our website:


Q: Where do I enable remote access to a UE?

A: In the OMC, go to CPE > Monitor and right-click on the UE. Under Operation select Settings, and under the Remote Web heading select the check box next to Https Login. Select OK to save the setting.



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